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Surviving Snowtober

(First of all, apologies that this post is shamefully late!)

The first day of our autumn weekend in New York City
proved the famous song absolutely correct.
The city is stunning in October sunlight!

We awoke on day two, however, to swirling snow out our window
as Snowtober rolled over the Northeastern United States,
turning an unprepared Big Apple into an icy, slushy mess:

Instead of walking, we wrestled for cabs...
with everyone else.

Instead of wandering outside, we went to the Met...
with everyone else.

Instead of being condemned to our cold, waterlogged trainers,
we went to Bloomingdales hoping for proper snow/rain boots...
with everyone else.

I'm not going to lie;
Saturday in the snow didn't feel much like a holiday.

So imagine our glee when we opened our curtains Sunday morning.
With the exception of patches of white in the parks
and chunks of ice falling from the high roof lines,
all evidence of the storm was completely gone.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip!
Two fabulous Broadway shows, great shopping,
fun wandering, wonderful food...

And once it's behind you, you can truly appreciate the opportunity
to watch a major city respond to unexpected weather.
It doesn't get much more authentic than that!

(However, after going through something similar in London,
I'm starting to get paranoid about bringing boots
wherever I travel, no matter the season!)
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