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Pure Michigan

I have no particular desire to go to Michigan.
I've never had a desire to go to Michigan.

Which is why I think the Pure Michigan commercials
are the single best tourism ad campaign in years.

A couple soothing shots, Tim Allen's voice,
and the Cider House Rules soundtrack,
and suddenly my life won't be complete until I go to Michigan.

Nicely done, advertisers.
You get me every single time.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that got me, too!

I have a friend from the Upper Peninsula and it's meant to be beautiful x

Dave K. said...

Your grandma was born in Belding Michigan. The Hein family has a family cemetery there. I've been to Michigan 3 times I think. The thing that struck me about the area around Belding was how rural it was. It was one big farm after another. They grow lots of apples there too, just like Washington. The weather can be severe (like most of the midwest). Hot and muggy in the summer and YARDS (not feet) of snow in the winter due to the lake effect.

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