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Matching miles

You may remember this decision several years ago. Since Hubs and I signed up for the Alaska Air Visa Signature card, it's worked out very well. We've been earning miles steadily while not paying a single penny of interest.

In the travel industry, however, the Capital One Venture card has been climbing the charts, and I had definitely taken notice. Comparitively, miles are earned faster, annual fees are less, and there are no foreign transaction fees. Honestly, the only reason we hadn't switched is because of the huge initial hassle of doing so.

And then I saw this commercial:

We currently have 35K miles on our Alaska account, enough for a single domestic round trip ticket. If we took advantage of Match My Miles, we'd earn not only the matched 35K miles but an additional bonus 10K miles after spending $1,000 within the first 90 days (easy, peasy!). That was the push we needed to switch, and I'm elated that we just earned enough additional miles for a second round-trip domestic ticket with a single phone call! It didn't even matter that we were already Capital One accountholders; this offer is available to anyone that doesn't yet have a Venture card.

I'm now in the process of switching all our finances over to this card, and I'm thrilled to be earning miles twice as fast. When traveling abroad, I used to have to choose between paying a foreign transaction fee and earning miles; not anymore! Since we pay off the balance every month, we won't be acruing any interest whatsoever. Finally, not only is the annual fee lower, it is also waived for the first year.

Match My Miles is honestly the best introductory offer I've ever seen for the best card for diehard travel junkies. If you're in the same situation and searching for the best budget travel possibilities out there, I'd recommend taking the plunge. This is budget-conscious traveling at its best!

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