I'm a 37-year old Seattle girl who was bitten by the travel bug on my first tour of Europe in 2004. This personal blog follows my attempts to visit as many countries as I can, as often as my budget will allow. Since starting this blog in 2007, I've also worked as a freelance copywriter for an online travel publication. This only served to add even more must-see locations to my already extended list.
Follow me as I try to balance "real life" with exploring the world, all while trying to conquer a wickedly ironic case of homesickness.


Tourist in your own town, 2011

One of the best parts of being a travel writer is that you get to armchair travel from nine to five. One of the worst parts of being a travel writer is that your list just grows and grows and grows with each new destination you research.

This time, however, my growing list is entirely doable. Why? My current project is on my home city of Seattle. As soon as I started to look at my city as a destination as opposed to just a string of chores and traffic, I got excited to get out there and see it through the eyes of a visitor. This summer, I'm taking the Tourist in your own Town concept to a whole new level!

The things I'm most looking forward to are:

Savor Seattle's chocolate indulgence walking tour

Seattle Bites'
walking/nibbling tour of Pike Place Market

Seattle By Foot's Coffee Crawl

Argosy Cruises' Murder Mystery Cruise

The architecture of and views from
The Smith Tower Observation Deck
(How have I never been there before?!)

Seattle Center's Movie's at the Mural

More Seattle Architectural walking tours

...and, of course, several doses of
Shakespeare in the Park!

I'm also considering just charging up the batteries on my camera and going on photography expeditions around the area, especially Kitsap Peninsula and local farmer's markets and street fairs. There are some great shots out there that I've seen many times but never bothered to capture and share.

I realize I probably won't do all this in a single year. It's encouraging just to know there are intriguing activities out there just waiting for me, especially since we're going to have to slow the full-fledged traveling way down after this spring. In the meantime, I'm actually excited to explore my own city!


Rebecca said...

That sounds fun! I totally want to invite myself!!

Lisa E said...

Any in particular? :-)

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