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London, take seven

Tickets are booked; Hubs and I are going back to London! Only this time - my seventh visit to the United Kingdom - it's extra special.

May 2011 will mark the fifth anniversary of our marriage, the sixth anniversary of the romantic week in London when we got engaged. And we've made the decision to try to start a family this summer. Where and when better to celebrate a babymoon than with a romantic escape to our favourite city, the place where it all began?

I'm trying to find a balance between wandering and relaxing. The hardcore traveler in me is pondering cramming in three nights in Ireland, but the exhausted romantic (not to mention our budget) thinks staying based in Old Blighty is probably the better option. I definitely want to see something new, though, so we're starting with the few things in/near London that we haven't done yet: Windsor, Greenwich, a handful of museums.

The big decision is which day trips to take. Blenheim Palace is a must, but where else? Having already done Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Canterbury, Dover, Winchester, Stonehenge, Stratford, Stow, and everything in between, I'm now considering Nottingham or Glastonbury.

Unless, of course, I can find someone who would drive us to Seven Sisters and St. Michael's Mount...

Any suggestions?

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