I'm a 37-year old Seattle girl who was bitten by the travel bug on my first tour of Europe in 2004. This personal blog follows my attempts to visit as many countries as I can, as often as my budget will allow. Since starting this blog in 2007, I've also worked as a freelance copywriter for an online travel publication. This only served to add even more must-see locations to my already extended list.
Follow me as I try to balance "real life" with exploring the world, all while trying to conquer a wickedly ironic case of homesickness.


Itch to roam

"I had an itch to roam.

I wanted to wander through Europe, to see movie posters for films that would never come to (my country), gaze wonderingly at billboards and shop notices full of exotic umlauts and cedillas and No Parking sign O's, hear pop songs that could not by even the most charitable stretch of the imagination be a hit in any country but their own, encounter people whose lives would never again intersect with mine, be hopelessly unfamiliar with everything, from the workings of a phone box to the identity of a foodstuff. I wanted to be puzzled and charmed, to experience the endless, beguiling variety of a continent where you can board a train and an hour later be somewhere where the inhabitants speak a different language, eat different foods, work different hours, live lives that are at once so different and yet so oddly similar.

I wanted to be a tourist."

Bill Bryson
Neither Here Nor There


Lisa-Marie said...

Have you read 'A Short History of Everything?' You seem to enjoy Bryson, so I think you'd like it!

wanderingbtrfly said...

Oh I LOVE this.

ektap said...

I am reading the book, and wanted to blog this passage, in the exact same way you have done (came across your post thanks to Google). I love that how on the internet, you can find someone, who despite being separated by thousands of miles, thinks alike. Thanks for the post :)

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