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Masks on a plane

I've had a few people ask me if I did indeed wear this mask on the plane. The answer is yes, I did...on the way there. I got the best sleep I ever have on a plane, amongst coughing and sneezing co-passengers nearby. And the simple thing worked, as well. I stayed perfectly healthy for the duration of our trip; not even a scratchy throat bothered me a single time. I seem to be a poor mask-wearer, however, as the metal bit you're meant to pinch left two bruised abrasions on the bridge of my nose. Yes, it was funny. I spent the first few days in Oz looking as if I'd recently been in a bar brawl. Yet, to me, my health was more than worth it.

High on a very successful holiday and wanting to avoid looking as though I'd been punched (again), I opted not to wear the mask on the plane ride way home. And whadayaknow, I'm typing this post from my bed, wrapped in blankets, doped up on cold meds, running a fever, congested to the point of being dizzy.

Therefore, my final conclusion: the mask works, and that is worth looking just a little bit foolish. (Though I plan to better mold the metal bit next time!)

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