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Staying healthy en route

We all know airborne bacteria thrives on airplanes. This is a huge problem for me. Why? Because I'm a mouth breather. My partially deviated septum makes it exceptionally difficult to get enough oxygen when breathing solely through my nose. This gives all that nasty bacteria a free, unprotected path straight into my system. I try to drink lots of water to combat the problem, but that temporary solution doesn't really work when I'm asleep. It seems every time I nod off on a plane, I end up getting ill at some point during the trip. And since we're facing an upcoming fifteen-hour overnight flight, I must find a solution to this problem so I can get some rest.

That is why I'm going to try something new. I'm going to be one of those people this time around. You know, the ones that are wearing one of these:

Add my sleeping eye mask to block out the light and ear plugs to quiet the noise, and I'm going to look...well, quite humourous, frankly. My sister joked that I should write a note on the mask:
Don't worry. I don't have H1N1...but you might!

I'm definitely going to have to hide the camera from my husband and sister, but I should also stay healthy during the flight and arrive in Australia at least somewhat rested, and that is worth looking just a bit foolish. So please, don't judge! And don't laugh...too hard.

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