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What time is it?

I'm having a bit of trouble with the vast time difference we're going to experience this time around. I mean, think about it. Sydney is quite near the International Date Line, one of the first cities to see the day. With the exception of New Zealand and parts of Indonesia and Siberia, the rest of the world falls in line behind Australian Eastern Standard Time. They greet the day and pass it back.

Seattle, on the other hand, is near the caboose of this train. Pacific Standard Time is seventeen hours behind Sydney, eight hours behind London, three hours behind New York City. Pretty much the only ones behind us are Alaska and Hawaii...and they admittedly have their own non-concept of time anyway. (wink, wink)

This goes beyond thinking in terms of hours in jet lag; to fly from Seattle to Sydney means you have to start speaking in terms of days. These two cities only inhabit the same calendar day for seven measley hours. Just as Seattlites are waking up to start their Monday, Sydneysiders have lept into Tuesday without looking back.

This is doing my head in. Our flight to Sydney departs on Monday and arrives on Wednesday. We lose an entire day on a fifteen hour flight. On the flip side, we arrive home five minutes later than we departed. When we want to call our loved ones at home, when do we do it? What time is it at home? What DAY is it at home?!

I hope this gets easier...

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Lisa-Marie said...

I think you have to just think of home as being 7 hours ahead of Australia, and then remind yourself that its plus a day.

Also, i think you might actually be a British person, because 'doing my head in' is a very British phrase!

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