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Don't trust this man

Anyone that's been following my London estate agent scam artist saga might be interested to read this article. It's the second time the London Mirror has tried to shine some light on his company's underhanded dealings. However, even I didn't realize the grand total was so high, especially considering those that haven't come forward...yet.

As you can read in the article, I actually managed to get contact Robin Larkins several months ago. Knowing he had just lost a court case to another victim, I threatened to do the file the same claim. Mr. Larkins responded by promising he would return my money - a full year late, mind you - if I removed my warnings about his company from this blog. And though I conceded, I still never heard from him after that.

My warnings have been republished, to say the least.


dfwm said...

It seems to have been taken up by a couple of other news websites too, so I hope the pressure finally gets some authority or other in UK to go and talk to this scumbag.

As you know, I find it extraordinary that the web portal run by Holiday-Rentals still carries his adverts.

Jaimie said...

So awesome that you were quoted! I hope you get your money back.

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