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No photography allowed

I hate this sign. I'm not much for t-shirts, postcards, snowglobes and chotchkies. I prefer my travel souvenirs to be more useful items, and I highly value my personal photos. And though I understand why some of these places choose not to allow cameras, I can't help but feel a tiny bit jipped.

Some of my favorite spots I've visited but don't have any first-hand reminders of are the following (yes, all three photos were shamelessly stolen from Google images):

The Royal Chapel at Hampton Court Palace:

The Vatican Museum Hall of Maps:

And, of course, the Sistine Chapel:

What are some of your favorite no-photography spots?


wanderingbtrfly said...

I was bummed about the Hampton Court chapel, too! I mean, is there any other room on the planet that more perfectly preserves the complete essence of crazy Henry?

Lisa-Marie said...

It makes me sad when I cant take photos too!

I am completely(grudginingly) ok with it in places with detailed paintwork, paintings or art though, because it is preserving the colour pigment and gloss of the paint.

Call me arty-farty if you want!

My favorite place of no cameras is Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow. It is a massive building in the west end, purpose build on the foundation of an old (and very grand) estate house. The building in itself is a marvel, and the contents are varied and spectacular!

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