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Is there a Luggage Lovers Anonymous?

I'm pretty sure I have a luggage addiction problem. And I've completely accepted that I will never be a backpacker.

That's what I should be using on this upcoming trip; my carry-on travel backpack. We're carrying on to eliminate baggage claim issues during our tight London/Vienna layover. My sister has become a carry-on packing guru; I'm doing so begrudgingly.

I tried, I really did. My first three European jaunts were entirely carry-on. And I now know it is possible to completely loath an inanimate object, like a heavy, awkward, headache-inducing backpack.

That is how this twenty-one-inch roller ended up leaving the store with me the other day. It's still tiny, but it rolls. And it's posh; I've dubbed the vintage tapestry look, "Mary Poppins chic." Think I'll be able to get 9 days worth of a European trip into that thing?

I remain very skeptical.


MA said...

This bag is you ! Very pretty

Lisa-Marie said...

It's lovely! and remember, London has Many shops which have luggage!

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