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Sprechenden Deutsch

Officially, I am a huge advocate of learning the language of the country you're traveling to and doing you absolute best to communicate in the native tongue.

Unofficially, I get really intimidated by speaking a language in foreign countries. Especially a challenging language like German, which I need to tackle for Austria this spring.

But I'm still going to try, and I've decided to use LiveMocha to do so. It comes highly recommended and seems very user friendly. Any other LiveMocha users out there?

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Amber said...

I recently signed up to learn French on Livemocha, and it's a pretty good site. They offer in depth lessons that teach you how to recognize the word/phrase in written form as well as through hearing it. I haven't messed with any other language learning site though so I don't really have anything to compare it to. Hope this helps!

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