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Foot frustration

Ever since I first started traveling seriously five years ago, I've been on the search for the perfect travel shoe. And to my immense frustration, it continues to evade me.

I put miles under my feet every day I'm traveling. I take off in the morning and don't stop until I stagger back into the hotel late that night. Needless to say, I consider good foot support to be the utmost important requirement in the shoes I bring with me.

Finding a comfortable shoe isn't the issue. I have several pairs of aerobic, crosstraining and walking shoes that keep me moving quite well. However, they all look like this:

And nothing screams "I'm a tourist, I don't speak the language, I barely know where I am and I'm probably carrying loads of money," like bright white trainers on the cobblestones of Europe.

Yes, all the best shoe companies make slightly more discreet versions of their athletic shoes. But not many shoe stores actually carry them so you can try them on, a real frustration for wide-width, high arch feet like mine.

So what do I do? Go nuts on Zappos and order several pairs of $100 shoes to see if one of them might work? Oh wait...I don't have that kind of money. Or perhaps an orthodic insert? I think the Zappos idea is cheaper.

I need advice from fellow travelers on this one. Where did you find your perfect travel shoes? Should I just bite the bullet and start spending the cash?


Jennie said...

Actually, I've gone the Zappo route several times. Because they have free shipping and returns, I once ordered $500 worth of running shoes and had returned all but one in time to avoid any finance charge on my credit card. If are diligent about on time returns, it's a no-cost way of trying. Otherwise, go to Nordstrom's. That's where I got my Rockports before I went to China. Worth every penny.

Lisa-Marie said...


Obviously for climbing/hillwalking, you need proper boots(as Jennie says, Rcokports are stury, bu you have to be aware that in London, wearing them is like wearing a label that says 'chav'), but, for city or reasonably flat countryside, I suggest Hush Puppies flats. These ones ^ are my teacher/work shoes. I can stand/walk/run/do PE in them, and my feet don't get sore, and they are really well made.

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