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We're booked!

It's official: we're heading back across the pond in May! Due to this less-than-desirable economy, we've had to shorten the original itinerary quite significantly. But we are still heading to Central Europe; Austria, to be specific. We'll be based in Vienna and driving out to Salzburg, where I just might run down the street singing "I Have Confidence" at the top of my lungs with the rest of the wacky Americans.

And since we so conveniently fly through London on the way back home, we're going to hang up our coats and stay a few days in England, as well. We've already planned one train trip out into the surrounding areas, specifically Canterbury. I didn't get to see quite as much of it as I was hoping on our visit several years ago. And I'm very much hoping to make it to Hampton Court Palace this year. The Tudor history dweeb in me has a clinical need to see this place!

This brings up my budget European travel tip for the day: British Airways is having a very impressive sale right now. Register your email address for an additional $20 off each way. Book before 29 Jan, travel before 24 May. If you can, by all means do.

Aaahh, going back. It feels so good! Let the countdown begin!


Lisa-Marie said...

Here, my best friend lives in Faversham, which is right by Canterbury. AND I'm supposed to be visiting her in May!

Lisa E said...

Reeeeeally? ::gets a scheming look in her eye::

Anonymous said...

My husband is Auatrian so we go quite a bit. I would move to Vienna tomorrow. You will fall in love with Vienna and Salzburg. Both are beautiful. So jealous!

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