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Robin Larkins, the plot thickens

Since posting my frustrations with Robin Larkins of Real World Rental in London, I have discovered 4 other people who've been waiting for a promised refund of deposit from this company. One such person, let's call him Mr. T, took action and created a website using Mr. Larkins' name as the URL. This site contained warnings to others, records of inconsistencies during phone conversations and emails between himself and the company, and a place for others in the same situation to possibly build a big enough case for a lawsuit.

This site finally got Mr. Larkins' attention, and he called Mr. T directly.

Mr. T has since gotten his money back after a long phone conversation filled with additional inconsistencies. However, Mr. T was repaid, and that's what really matters. In response, Mr. T agreed to transfer the ownership of the website to Mr. Larkins, which is why that URL will now take you directly to the Real World Rentals website.

Hearing that Mr. Larkins was finally budging on his stubborn lack of response, I immediately gathered my information and set about contacting him myself. And guess what? No answer. Again. I find myself in the exact same situation as before. It has been nearly 2 days since he claimed to Mr. T to be addressing my situation immediately. Nothing.

I won't stop recording this information, Mr. Larkins. I'm aware that you now have direct links to this blog and I certainly hope you are reading them. I'm going to continue to warn people about you until my money is in my account.

You have expressed frustration regarding defamation of character, threatening a lawsuit against us. But our contracts, the contracts you sent us, said you'd return our money within two weeks; it's been 7 months and 2 weeks for me. I'd say that falls under breach of contract.

My next step is to contact my editorial journalist friends in London and the travel community.

Check your email, Mr. Larkins. You have my information.


Abby said...

Someone needs to shut this man down!
Will either of these websites help you?



Anonymous said...

Indeed, I'm following this saga very closely, and I'm amazed to find there are now really so many complaints about this fraudster. Google "Robin Larkins" and you will find some of them. Google "The Real World Rental Company" and you will find others. There are now complaints on a number of sites. Personally I am going through the UK courts with a lawyer. It will cost something, but I want him put out of business, and preferably in jail. He and his wife Rachel are obviously in this together, as well as their staff Rebecca Hayes, Noreen Kelly, Emma somebody. What is sad is that the staff may not know that they are aiding a criminal act, and I'm sure just as Larkins has no regard for customers and feels that he can happily rip off their money, he wont be helping these people out either. As well as Abby's suggestion people should contact the Metropolitan Police Service Fraud Alert: http://www.met.police.uk/fraudalert/index.htm
They should also write a review on:
http://www.allagents.co.uk/the-real-world-rental-company/ and contact as many of the website fronts that Larkins advertises through, such as www.holiday-rentals.co.uk (try: customersupport@holiday-rentals.co.uk), as these provide a false notion that RWRC is a properly run company.

Anonymous said...

Without prejudice...I'm also following closely (I've previously commented on this blog that I am another victim).

I too have commenced legal action and won't be backing down until justice is done. I don't really care what it costs to put right, to me it's more a matter of principle.

Generally, if you've had an experience with an agent that you wish to share, you might also like to try here:-



Anonymous said...

We too have not had our deposit returned from this man. After 7 weeks of chasing him, repeated promises of payment, still nothing has arrived. We have handed the matter over to our lawyer. He can't continue to treat people like this

Anonymous said...

Anon of 02 December...do you live abroad aswell? This seems to be his MO, with overseas clients.

Lisa E said...

Yes, I am in the US. Still nothing. My wait has been over seven months with absolutely no response whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I am in the same situation right now... No answer from them and will most definitely take severe action if I don't get a proper response within the next few days.

I am currently living in London and rented a flat through them on behalf of family members...


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog I was about to rent a property from this man. I had a gut feeling something was wrong. thank you for posting your experience.

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