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My shameful confession

Since being bitten with a chronic case of wanderlust in 2004, I've attempted to get on a plane and explore the world as much as financially possible. However (and this is the embarrassing part) I only just now signed up for a proper miles-earning credit card.

I wasn't entirely foolish; Hubby and I do have little piddly mileage accounts at multiple airlines from our various flights on different airlines. However, that hopelessly slow accumulation doesn't really help one make even a single free flight, does it? What's worse, I didn't even earn the last three London flight miles from British Airways since I never changed my surname after getting married. Not that they would have given them to me anyway with the bargain price I was paying...but I digress.

Hubby and I finally signed up to stash away miles like mad people with the best option for Seattlites: the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature. Alaska is a major hub airline around here, but the most important part is their membership in the immense Oneworld Alliance. This means our miles are going to work on 17 different airlines, including all of the ones we currently have miles accrued on. Plus, their perks, including one free domestic ticket annually and a$50 companion fare, really do make it worth it.

It may be an idealistic pipe dream, but I'm going to beg them to let us mass-dump all of our miles into this one account. We're then going to use this card to pull all our monthly purchases through. Our apartment complex will even let us pay our monthly rent with it! Paying it off every month will accrue no interest and no additional debt, but the miles should hopefully start piling up big time. It's time for Da Man to start working for us a little.

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