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I have trouble standing

Now, I'm familiar with the Thrill the World concept. We have quite a massive Seattle following. And I must say I'm in major support of anything that encourages spontaneous public dancing.

However, this is the first time I've seen these guys:

Why can't I ever get on this Tube car? All I ever get is the way-too-much-to-drink football fan whose team just won a match and he's decided to sing "God Save the Queen" at the top of his lungs in celebration. Just once, I'd love the good lookin' English bloke standing next to me in a suit jacket to break out in dance simply for my public transport entertainment. Heck, maybe I'll be that American tourist who gets up and starts dancing with them!

Okay, I won't. Because let's be honest here; I have been known, in all my clumsy glory, to have trouble simply remaining upright on a wobbly train.

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wanderingbtrfly said...

and that was our stop, too!

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