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Robin Larkins

It pains me to have to post this as my experience with Robin Larkins with Real World Rental was pleasant throughout my last holiday to London. However, he has failed to return a significant amount of money that he himself confirmed is owed to me. I have since learned I am not the only person he has failed to repay.

One such person has set up a site for those of us struggling to get due monies back from Robin Larkins with Real World Rental Co. in London. If you're frustrated and looking for a possible solution, please visit this site for more information.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! The guy is going down and should be made to make good his promises.

columnist said...

This really frustrates me. I too am awaiting a refund of my GBP950 deposit, which they claim would be repaid within 2 weeks of expiry of my rental (which ended on 13 October). Which flat did you rent? I was renting 63A Harcourt Terrace.

Lisa E said...

Columnist, I rented the flat in Brompton Court.

Jamie Thinglestad's Robin Larkins site has been removed. He has since gotten his money back after a long phone call with Robin, during which Robin sent the funds via PayPal and Jamie transferred the rights to the Robin Larkins URL. Jamie says Robin threatened a lawsuit of character defamation during the phone call, which frustrates me to no end.

Upon learning this, I have just re-sent my information yesterday, along with links to my own reviews and warnings I refuse to remove until my money is returned, as well.

I have yet to hear anything back at this point. But please keep in contact with Jamie and myself; we're both interested in seeing this entire issue resolved immediately. You can email me at Lisa_Eastman@hotmail.com. I will certainly notify you of any information or progress, as well.

And thank you for coming forward!

SSC said...

I rented the Philbeach property in May 2008 and after 3 months of chasing Robin Larkins for my deposit to be returned, I wrote a review of service on a property website. After that posting, the next time I spoke with Robin he told me he was purposely withholding my money because the review upset him. I thought this was so criminal that the only way I got my money back was by taking him to court.

It's been 8 months and I have finally gotten my money, but not through the company but by a warrant of execution of the court judgement. I would encourage everyone to do the same - the process is cheap and easy albeit a little slow.

Hope you get your money back.

Anonymous said...

After spending a pleasant week in London at Stanhope Mews with my family in December I have tried to contact Robin Larkins by phone and e-mail in order to receive payment of the deposit he promised and owes. No answer, no success. This morning, just before instructing lawyers(to institute civil and criminal proceedings)I tried the internet to see if anything came up on him - now I realise I am only one in a long line of suckers! But he needs to be stopped and all those websites advertising his properties should be informed of his history.

dfwm said...

SSC - Do you have a copy of your "review" on the property, and please let me know details of your court case - you can either do so on my blog, (whch you've visited), or to my email: sppforsale@yahoo.com - as I've mentioned, I'm going through the legal route, but it would be very helpful to hear of your experience too. Also, if you can, please send your details to The Mirror, who are writing a story on Larkins & RWRC, (see my blog for details). Thanks.

Ditto Stanhope Mews renter.


agata said...

Robin Larkins was also kind during my stay in Notting Hill although he didn`t show up. He sent his driver who gave me the keys. I was back home Jan 4th and I am still waiting for money. He didn`t answer my messages. I am thinking what I should do.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone want to know where his office is located? Not sure if I'm allowed to mention it, so whoever manages this site, please let me know by replying to this comment.

Lisa E said...

To the anonymous poster above: yes, absolutely. Please! Do you have any further information?

Anonymous said...

Robin Larkins company is at:
The Real World Rental Company
Hurlingham Studios, 1 Ranelagh Gardens Fulham London SW6 3PA
Tel:0207 736 1600
From Abroad: 0044 (0) 207 736 1600
Fax: 0207 610 6298

he also has a website:

Hope this helps you getting back your hard earned cash from this shark. It pains me reading all your stories. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

He's moved. Anyone know where to?

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