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Home Exchange

I've been doing lots of research recently on Home Exchange, and I'd love any feedback from any past or present members.

I'd also like to take a poll from any and all travelers. Our apartment is in a suburb 15 miles south of downtown Seattle, but still very central to many Western Washington sites and activities and only a handful of miles from the airport. Would you exchange homes with an apartment 15 miles outside the city central? What if it included use of a car?


Anonymous said...

I personally wouldn't stay South of Seattle. Really, the farthest South of the city centre I would venture would be West Seattle to the South (ish) and Green Lake to the North. But maybe a tourist not as familiar with the area wouldn't be as picky?

I wonder if anyone would want to stay in Nottingham city centre? Any Robin Hood fans out there??? :)

Lisa E said...

Um, YEAH! I'd love to visit Nottingham! We almost came up by train from London last March on a whim.

I'm wondering if there are some hardcore outdoorsy people that would want to be between Seattle and Mt. Rainier, or maybe the up-and-coming Tacoma and the South Sound areas. Who knows... Even Forks seems to be the place to be, nowadays!

Lois said...

Hi Lisa

I'm a Canadian who fell in love with London ong before you were born - and still live here! I do miss Canada too, and go back 'home' as often as possible but London is 'real home'.

When you're hoping to exchange to a particular country or city, it's a good idea to look for a home exchange service based in that country. In this case, my own agency, Home Base Holidays, is based in London and has been operating since 1985. Being based here, there is a very large choice of exchange offers in the city - with fewer American members competing for the same offers! There's a special 20% discount offer on membership fees this month. Check out today's post on Travel the Home Exchange Way, for details.

As for finding members interested in your home - just give lots of information on all the attractions in your area and within easy reach (plus how long it takes to get to Seattle, Vancouver, etc) and you should certainly find interest in your exchange offer. Lots of home swappers like to get off the beaten track.

Cheers from a very sunny London (today at least),

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