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Getting excited!

I'm getting excited for next weekend's jaunt to Vegas! I feel like I don't deserve another adventure so soon after my last one, but I'm gonna enjoy it anyway! Warm desert air with zero-percent humidity, fabulous food, ridiculous oppulence everywhere, room service, the new and improved "Phantom of the Opera" on the evening of my birthday, The Blue Man Group, the Bodies Exhibition, the Bellagio fountains, driving out to the Grand Canyon in Arizona...I don't even care that the weather is forecasting cooler temperatures for that part of the country for that weekend. It certainly beats being at work!

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noisy penguin said...

I haven't spent much time in Vegas, but the Grand Canyon was amazing. It was way bigger than I expected. I don't know how big I thought it would be, but I was blown away by its grandness. Have fun! Take lots of pictures!

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