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Deck the halls

Every time I see Rick Steves' European Christmas special, I'm practically packing my suitcase to spend the holidays in London before the end credits role. I want to go ice skating at Somerset House or the Tower of London. I want to go Christmas shopping under the hanging lights on Oxford Street. I want to hear adorable English children sing carols about Father Christmas. I want to experience a Boxing Day.

But then I really start to think about the logistics: cold weather, possible delays, probable higher costs, not seeing my own family for the holidays. Lord knows I've experienced the possible frustrations of London in a snowstorm. Is the festivity worth the extra effort?

What do you think? Yay or nay on holiday leisure traveling?


DeborahSW said...

I'm kind of surprised you watch Rick Steves. Isn't his dorkiness distracting? And he needs to stop insisting that everyone wears fanny packs!!! ;)

Lisa E said...

HA! Actually, his launguage mispronunciations drive me batty! But he's a lot funnier in person. And even though I don't travel totally like he does, I must admit the man knows his stuff. :-)

Abby said...

I grew up watching him and I LOVE him! He got me interested in travel as a child.

I give travel over the holidays a massive thumbs up! We spent Christmas in Barcelona two years ago and it was amazing!

Kristy Hall said...

We were in London, Belfast and Dublin last Thanksgiving with our nine-month old. The Christmas decorations were just beginning and we had a really yummy pub "Thanksgiving" lunch in Dublin.

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