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No passport?!

Somehow, and I'm not sure how this happened, I've forgotten how to travel domestically. Sounds pretentious, right? I agree! Which is why I'm totally befuddled at my own confusion.

We fly to Hawaii in a little less than a week, and I've just started that pre-packing assessment. (Translation: just how bad is the mess I shoved into my suitcase and out of my sight upon my return from my last trip?) And it has only recently occurred to me that this is the first domestic flight I've taken in six years. SIX YEARS! All my trips since have been either international or very local. Even the LAX layover we had 2 years ago was en route to Mexico, so we still had to go through customs.

Fast forward to today; I'm going through my normal list of pre-flight to-dos and I keep finding all kinds of things that simply don't apply. I'm downright confused that I don't have to bring my passport with me on this trip at all. There's no need to find country calling codes or order currency. I'm totally insecure to arrive at the airport any later than 3 hours prior to our flight. And I can't quite wrap my head around not having to acclimate to insane jet lag.

I've actually forgotten how to travel domestically.

I am excited, however, that Hawaii still has a very different culture, language and food to experience. It's kind of the best of both worlds, and that's pretty darn cool.

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