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Airline caste systems

When airlines started announcing their baggage fees, I wasn't surprised and took it in stride. These are tough times and the travel industry is struggling. I was all ready to do my part to band together, keep companies afloat, rah rah rah sis boom bah and all that.

Until I read page 36 of the September '08 issue of Travel and Leisure. It seems United (one of the first to initiate the above mentioned fee) is now partnering with Westin Hotels to provide oversize down blankets and hypoallergenic pillows.

Oh, that's nice, you think. They seem to be trying to make our experience a little bit easier, maybe a thank you for continuing to fly despite the fees, maybe trying to make our extra money seem worth it. Wait, what's this? To business and first class flyers only?

Yes, that's right. The elite group of people clearly not flying on a restrictive budget that are exempt from the additional fees are being pampered even further while economy class only continues to worsen in relation.

United Airlines, I work hard for every penny I earn. I forego many luxuries in order to get on your aircraft and endure 10+ hours of economy-class struggles in order to fly to other destinations. I'd weep with joy to fly in any class where I can actually move my legs while seated, but I simply can't afford it. So while you pamper the rich, this obviously expendible economy flyer will be taking her hard-earned cash somewhere else. And that goes for any other airline that does the same.

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Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Yes how ironic is that! It's the people in the cheap seats who could really use them too!

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