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International board games

I'm not really a chotchky sorta person. Hubby and I don't spend money on little bits and bobs we won't ever use, even if they are from somewhere really impressive. We prefer our holiday souvenirs to serve some sort of purpose. For example, a tea kettle from England or a piece of art from France. We also love to bring home slices of the everyday during our trip, like newspapers, ticket stubs or receipts.

But the other day, we realized we didn't own any board games. We left them all at our respective parent's houses when we moved out. Wouldn't that be a nifty souvenir idea from our travels? Our kids could grow up playing Monopoly on a British board, Stratego in Italian or Clue en Francais.

The phrase "pack and ship" immediately comes to mind, however!


wanderingbtrfly said...

I know exactly where all your childhood boardgames are...they somehow ended up in MY house! Considering they were technically both of ours, and I am just now realizing that you didn't get stuck with any, I will make sure to bring you some lovely American '80's era boardgames - smooshed boxes and all!

Abby said...

Did you know Cluedo is British and we Americans changed the name to Clue? And they call Chutes and Ladders, Snakes and Ladders, but that's from India or somewhere.

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