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If there is one thing a longhaul stay in the UK leaves me in mourning for, it's salad. Not the Brit definition of "salad" consisting of a wilted piece of lettuce and two rubbery cucumber slices. No, SALAD. The meal-in-itself kind we obsess about over here in the US.

So imagine my glee upon learning about Chop'd. It seems a lot like Pret, focused more on salads than sandwiches. What got me was a photo of the great big sign in the window that says "Make Your Own Salads!" Throw in some of the gol'darn American Ranch dressing, and I'm moving in!

A salad is a justifiable reason for a tranatlantic flight, right?

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Melaina25 said...

Ugh I completely agree. I hate that it is really hard to find prepacked salads for lunch. Granted I never worked downtown in Glasgow and chippies and burger vans don't do salads, but still.

Sometimes I want some goats cheese, cranberries and a yumtastic balsamic is that so hard to ask?

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