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The Weight of Flying

We all could sense it coming. Airlines are now considering charging customers based on weight. Though it seems to make sense at first thought, countless logistic problems come to mind immediately. Insanely long airport lines flash through my imagination; is this the end of online transactions?

But my biggest concern is how they are going to base this. For example, there are those of us that watch what we eat and exercise regularly, yet we will still weigh more than what that shortminded BMI chart considers average. Taller people, those with larger bone structure, dense bone or muscle mass, pregnant moms, someone simply retaining more water...these things may now actually cost you more money. And what about those of us planners that purchase our tickets months in advance of the actual flight?

I can understand the issue of someone taking up more than one seat. That creates an inability for the airline to comfortably sell that second seat and quite literally affects the flight's bottom line. And supposedly the weight thing is the same concept. But this seems to overcomplicate things, taking it from extreme cases and penalizing hundreds of thousands of average people.

Besides, you know people will try to find a way around it. We'll end up with gag sticks in airport bathrooms as so many people are trying to weigh as little as possible before having to pay. And then they will go running straight to airport restaurants to stock up before the flight that no longer serves food. Does anyone else see the potential flaw?

As if it wasn't already harder on the ego not to be a minescule blond Barbie thing by nature and coming to terms with the fact that you never will be without an eating disorder. Now I might have to pay for it? No matter how logical I try to be about this, it really irritates me. I pack my single suitcase carefully and I take care of my body, but I'm still going to have to pay more than that I-can-eat-whatever-I-want, naturally skinny thing and her giant 75 pound case of I-can't-live-without-them clothes and shoes?

I'm trying to level-headed about this. Perhaps it is a slight injustice I'm just going to have to accept. But it's still really bugging me.

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