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Okay, now I'm mad

It hit me like a ton of bricks last night. My estate agent in London is trying to jip me, and I'm seriously pissed off. $1582.00. That's how much I wired to him as a refundable deposit. One week's rent for our London flat. Our signed contract claimed my deposit would be returned within 10 days of the completion of our stay. We were very careful in the flat not to break or damage anything so as to get our full refund back. Heck, we even cleaned the stupid thing before we left! They have confirmed there were no problems with the flat as a result of our stay, and we are due the entire balance of that deposit.

That was three months ago.

The most frustrating part is that the flat was lovely. Their properties are convenient and well-kept. Our stay was truly wonderful.

However, they haven't returned a single dime that they owe me. So after 3 months of waiting, pleading, and threatening that I will warn others, I'm releasing his name to save anyone else from making the mistake of doing business with them:

Real World Rental Co.
Agent: Mr. Robin Larkins


And if anyone reading this lives in the Fulham neighborhood of London, could you please go into the office and slap him for me? Much obliged.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I was on the verge of booking something with this guy. Well, to be precise, I've been trying to book something but he's been to busy to send me a confirmation or a contract. I can completely see the deposit thing happening here -- negligence rather than malice, though that doesn't change the fact that you're out $500. Thanks to your caveat, we stopped waiting and booked with another place that we were considering. Very sorry to hear about your bad experience - and eternally grateful for the warning!

Lisa E said...

Glad to hear you found something else, and I'm glad my warning made a difference to someone. It has now been 6 months and I'm still waiting for my money. And it was $1500, not $500, which in the states is actually considered a felony.
Hope you enjoy London in the new flat you found!

Local Trips said...

Did this ever get resolved? If not I can help expose this person.



Lisa E said...

Hi Dan,

Unfortunately, this has not been resolved. An expose was recently published in the London Mirror: http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/investigations/2009/09/give-us-back-our-deposits-dema.html

I would be very grateful for any assistance in exposing his shady business practices, especially Destination360. (You may or may not be aware I'm one of your freelance writers.)

Please email me at lisa dot eastman at hotmail dot com. I look forward to hearing from you!


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