I'm a 37-year old Seattle girl who was bitten by the travel bug on my first tour of Europe in 2004. This personal blog follows my attempts to visit as many countries as I can, as often as my budget will allow. Since starting this blog in 2007, I've also worked as a freelance copywriter for an online travel publication. This only served to add even more must-see locations to my already extended list.
Follow me as I try to balance "real life" with exploring the world, all while trying to conquer a wickedly ironic case of homesickness.


Eurostar tickets

Oh darn. I have to go back to London in the next year. I'm so disappointed.


Okay, back story: Eurostar's ticketing system pretty much ate our Belgium booking in March. The customer service staff was very kind in helping us fix this technical difficulty and make our train to Brussels, but they weren't quite fast enough. We were left standing in the St. Pancras security line with somewhat-faux one-way tickets in our hands when the word "CLOSED" appeared on the departures screen next to our train platform number. And we're not exactly mow-them-over-and-demand-service kind of people.

So we quietly walked back to the Eurostar office and queued for the fourth time that morning to request a refund. Upon seeing us back in line yet again, the CS people pulled us to the front of the line and gave us the information we'd need to formally request our money back. They apologized profusely and sent us on our way...nowhere.

Back to the present - Eurostar has not only refunded our money for the original tickets, but they've also sent us two free one-way tickets on the Eurostar to be used at any time within the next year, to apologize for our inconvenience. And since we'll take any excuse to head back to London, we're already thinking of the next jaunt!

Thank you, Eurostar!


Learning a hard lesson

My elated advocacy of London vacation flat-rentals has been temporarily put on hold. Our experience at the flat was stupendous, and I was all ready to send rave reviews about the company and the location.

However, that was before I realized what a massive pain it was going to be to get my refundable deposit back. It has now been two months and one day since I returned from the UK, and I am still waiting for £750 (that's approximately $1500, in case you're wondering) to be wired to my account. In retrospective contemplation, I realize my estate agent is kind and helpful...when you manage to get a hold of him, a feat in and of itself. So. Very. Frustrating.

I'm holding off on warning you with a specific company name for right now. I don't get a bad vibe from the guy; I think he's just flighty. I'm learning to grow a backbone and get vocal about what is rightfully mine, though trying to do that and not come across as an Ugly Money-Greedy American is certainly a lesson in diplomacy. But I'm still hoping and praying this doesn't become my very expensive lesson about the downside to vacation rentals.
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