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My tiny addiction

I have an irrational addiction: travel-sized thingamahoozits.

It's more important to me to pack efficiently than to be frugal. For that reason, I get way too excited before a vacation to go out and spend insane amounts of money on teeny tiny versions of the things I already own in bulk at home. For that brief moment, saving precious space is worth more than exorbitant cost.

And I mean exorbitant! It costs approximately one half to buy one tenth of a product in its itty bitty little mini counterpart. Normally, the penny pincher in me would simply refuse to waste money like that. But you're buying more than just the shampoo, toothpaste or handi wipes. You're also buying a clearly marked label and a sealed container that can save you many a headache with TSA.

I spent over $60 today on things that all fit in a single grocery bag...and I'm so excited to pack it all. I found single Wet Ones antibacterial wipes for the plane and questionable bathrooms. Always feminine wipes, one of today's greatest inventions, also come in single packages. 2 loads of concentrated laundry detergent fits in a bottle the size of my travel-sized shampoo. 5 Ricola cough drops come in a tiny resealable bag, and a mini Lysol spray can will also help me stave off the germs. Oh, and the joys of Tide To Go...

First on my list: pack all of these items into a single efficient suitcase, easy to identify, carry and maneuver in airports and train stations.

Next on my list: get a life.

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