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Read the fine print.

Well, don't I have a strange problem. I've mistakenly booked enough London accommodation for, count them, seven people.

You see, several months ago we booked our March trip for a really good deal. No, I mean, REALLY good. Only about 24 hours later, I'm feeling anti-hotel. I'm fickle; it happens. So after researching on British Airways and discovering you can cancel a hotel booking up to 40 days in advance for a full refund, I wire transfer a buttload of nonrefundable funds to an entirely different company for a 2 bedroom flat instead.

Time to cancel the hotel with BA.

Well, somewhere in the finely fine print that I completely missed (oh, and was misinformed by their customer service folk two separate times via phone...forgot that part), things are quite different when you're dealing with the REALLY good deal. In hindsight, this makes perfect sense; you don't get ridiculously good airfare without a Bible of restrictions attached.

So now, if I cancel the hotel, I also cancel the airfare, which any somewhat-seasoned traveler knows comes with your friendly cancellation fees attached. And even the brilliant idea of cancelling the entire thing and repurchasing the airfare without the hotel results in a higher total price...as previously mentioned, this was a REALLY good deal. Confucius say, "Might as well keep the superfluous room."

Anyone need a London hotel room for a week in March for the bargain price of only $700?

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