I'm a 37-year old Seattle girl who was bitten by the travel bug on my first tour of Europe in 2004. This personal blog follows my attempts to visit as many countries as I can, as often as my budget will allow. Since starting this blog in 2007, I've also worked as a freelance copywriter for an online travel publication. This only served to add even more must-see locations to my already extended list.
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The Amazing Race

My interest in travel sometimes results in the following friendly suggestion, "You should audition for 'The Amazing Race'!"

Umm..."The Amazing Race" is not traveling.

"The Amazing Race" is a psychological experiment in how much travel-related stress a human being can endure before having a complete meltdown. It's a logistical travel nightmare involving jetlag, airline delays, language barriers, currency conversions, and 'Ugly American' stereotypes. The competitors are merely rats in CBS's sick little maze, willingly subjecting themselves to ulcer-inducing panic attacks, all cleverly set to cheesy rushed music that sounds like it was stolen from an Arnold Schwarzenegger film. I practically need Pepto Bismol just watching the show from my sofa.

I would rather have a root canal than compete on "The Amazing Race".

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