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Nouveux piggy banks

All international travelers have the same problem.

The last minute realization that you forgot to buy a water bottle for the long plane ride home, only to discover its insane airport price to be more than the handful of local currency you still have left. Your only hope is to break that American $20 note folded in your coin purse.

Or the ever-so-responsible trip into a local bank or Thomas Cook to exchange your leftover local currency before departure, only to discover that it never changes evenly and always leaves you with a mysteriously large handful of coins you can't use once back on your home soil.

Or even the spare fiver you tucked into your pocket that you completely forgot about until the day after you arrive back home and sort through the mountains of laundry.

Every time I return home - no matter how hard I try to avoid it - I'm toting a lump of local currency, usually in coin. But these coins, as most travelers know, are of absolutely no interest to American exchange bureaus. You'd have better luck bringing in your Monopoly box. So, what do you do with a giant pile of foreign coins? Check 'em out:

In an effort to make piles of strange coins more of a positive thing than an annoyance, I created mini piggy banks and decided to use them as a conversation piece when they aren't being spent abroad. And I plan to add a jar for each country I return home from.

1 comment:

DeborahSW said...

This is SUCH a cute idea!! Now if I only traveled enough to keep spare change from other countries... :)

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