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Which Type are You?

Many people firmly believe the only way to test a true friendship is to travel with that person. And why is that? Our differences become entirely unavoidable once we’ve left the comfort and familiarity of home. What really makes you tick will be laid out on the table far before you get home and start making your holiday slideshow. So…which type are you?

The first category of traveler would be the Pigheaded Patriotic, many of which we unfortunately see coming from the undeniable direction of the USA. This person comes through customs wearing an Old Navy tee emblazoned with the stars and stripes and socks underneath his sandals. He’s very difficult to ignore, as he is usually loudly voicing his frustration at the signs being in the local language or his confusion as to why something isn’t set up “the way we do it back home.” He has a tendency to pack way too much, wear his money belt outside his clothes and only participate in activities that cater entirely to his comfort. Even weak air-conditioning in his hotel room has him hoofing immediately down to the front desk to demand, at the very least, a fan for his comfort.

The second category of traveler is the Ignorantly Blessed. These travelers have money and lots of it. They travel frequently and always in first class. You might call them discreet, except that they also frequently pack way too much, but it’s okay because it’s all resting quietly in a expensive, new matching luggage set. They stay always connected to home through their Blackberry and they never take public transportation; it’s a chauffeured town car or nothing. Meals are always taken at the best restaurants followed immediately by tickets to the best shows. They are a concierge’s dream, and they tip to impress. Their friends frequently comment on how lucky they are to experience so much of the world this way, but they don’t understand why. To them, every town is essentially the same…and it would be in such a posh bubble.

The third category of traveler is simply called the High and Mighty. This is the traveler that sees themselves as the embodiment of Frommers themselves and loves to preach the travel gospel to anyone that won’t roll their eyes and run away. Their next trip is always far more exotic than the last, believing places like Venice and Paris are nothing more than tourist traps. They pride themselves on bonding with locals, especially when it involves eating something the western world would consider a pet. They despise chain establishments and tacky souvenirs, and they’re certain Starbucks is taking over the world. They firmly believe they are the only real travelers; everyone else is just pretending. And the extraordinarily pushy ones are usually offered their own show on the Travel Channel, as Anthony Bourdain loudly demonstrates.

The next category of traveler is the Laid Back Wanderer. Often the spouse or travel partner of the other travel types, nothing much bothers this traveler. Delayed flight? No problem. Lost reservation? Okay. No dinner? Whatever. They roll with the punches and often enjoy themselves entirely by accident. It isn’t unusual for this traveler to carry bags and operate cameras for others without any fuss; after all, isn’t a vacation about having fun?

The last and final category of traveler is where I seem to find myself. And it is from this place I found the name of this blog: Homesick Wanderlust. This traveler is fueled by dreams, hungry to see and despises a lack of appreciation and an excess of cynicism. Funds aren’t plentiful, so each and every trip is treasured. Armed with research and dog-eared journals, this traveler will do what it takes to have the best experience possible. With a slight naivety and craving to be knowledgeable, this traveler always absorbs every piece of advice they can get. But unlike the brash counsel that usually comes from the High and Mighty, this traveler gives themselves the permission to be balanced and vulnerable. They realize people are different and are going to experience places differently, and that’s okay. Even the nuances at the local McDonalds are a thrill to this traveler. But most importantly, this traveler lets their encounters deepen both their appreciation for this new culture and her own back home.

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