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Canada, eh?

By the time my 27th birthday rolled around in November of 2006, I was absolutely foaming at the mouth to get out of town! But we were wedged between the financial depletion of a wedding and saving like mad for our upcoming jaunt to the UK in the spring. So we decided to take advantage of our local resources and hop on the Victoria Clipper for a mini international weekend holiday up to Canada.

As luck would have it, one of the worst storms of the season rolled in right behind our departure from the Seattle docks. While our friends and family were sloshing through the worst of the flooding back home, our experience with Victoria was still very wet. Very, very wet!

We'd chosen to stay at the number two hotel in the harbor, the Hotel Grand Pacific. It wasn't as pricey as the Empress, but their Romance Package was very reasonably priced. And we weren't disappointed by the hotel, either! It was a bit of affordable elegance, and the harborside location next to the beautiful Government building was fabulous, as well. Even the horse-drawn carriages were close by!

Michael and I got the chance to wander through town a bit before the deluge hit us. We found the bookstore...of course! I squealed and played in the year-round Christmas store, dug through bins of sweaters in the Irish wool store, ate too much candy in the chocolate stores...you get the idea! We watched the boats in the harbor and visited the museum where we scratched our heads at the Mating Animal exhibit.

And of course, we had afternoon tea at the Empress. The drawing room is beautiful, the ambiance can't be beat. We ate (almost) everything on the three-tiered platter and drank our fill of their scrumptous tea. We wandered around the hotel and it's perfect grounds a bit before returning to our hotel, where we spent the rest of the weekend hiding from the weather. Have I ever mentioned how much I love room service?

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