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Our Bridge: A Proposal Story

My second trip to London was simply magical. After my wonderful introduction to the city in 2004, I convinced my boyfriend to come back with me and spend a week wandering in and around the city. I was so excited to share everything I'd fallen in love over with the man I was hopelessly in love with...but he had other plans.

Late on a rainy Saturday afternoon, we rode the elevator to the top of the Tower Bridge straddling the mighty Thames. The clouds were finally starting to clear and I was distracted, watching the city from the catwalks above. I finally snapped back to reality after Michael's uncharacteristic insistence that we descend back down to street level.

Once at the bottom, the lift door opened to reveal a small landing and lookout over the river. True to London form, the wind was whipping by, and I was enjoying the freedom it carried, lost in watching the water of the river churn beneath us when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Lisa," I turned around into a very awkward hug from Michael, "Wait...I have something special to give you," he said, as he began to take off the backpack and hand over all the shopping bags he'd been so graciously carrying all day.

The spot he'd chosen to give me this "special thing" was very deliberate. In the center of my favorite city, on the river I loved to walk along, in the windy weather I enjoy so much, in the shadow of one of the most incredible pieces of architecture on this earth, Michael had purposely created a symphony of my passions, a memory I would never forget.

I can't quite define the strange feeling that washed over me as he reached in his pocket; a recipe of hope, anticipation, unbelief...and a little nausea. In my mind's eye, I can still see it in his hand: a small, fuzzy, forest green jewelry box. It was at that point the entire world stopped...which is rather unfortunate, because his proposal was beautiful. I just wish my mind was working properly so I could remember it more clearly!

But the moment he went down on one knee and opened the box to reveal his great-grandmother's vintage 1920s engagement ring that he'd snuck over the ocean in his shoe - in the middle of the chaos that is London with onlookers and traffic and a sharp ray of sunlight breaking free and spilling out onto the city as if on cue - I heard these words loud and clear:

"Lisa M____ K____, will you make me a happy man? Will you marry me?"

(I said yes.)

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