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Journal entry - Switzerland '04

Crawling out from under my warm down comforter this morning, I pulled open the terrace curtain, and a torrent of sunlight immediately drown me. As I pulled open the door, the cold, crisp Alpine air reminded me of where I was. I gazed out, slowly taking in the mountains, the lake, the Swiss village... To my right, Sarah was enjoying the same view from her own terrace, wrapped tightly in her own fluffy white blanket.

Luzern has 2 areas, making up a much larger city that I anticipated. One area is rather modern, with high end shopping and contemporary architecture. The Lamborghinis that politely stop to let you cross the street remind you of how much money this country has control of. This city is a major tourist stop, and the bustle of people lasts into the night along the lake and into the squares. The area of Luzern that we are in, however, is a bit more "quaint European".

Steep rooflines are framed by high, green hills and the blue expanse of Lake Luzern. Bunches of pink and red flowers spill out of windowboxes of homes that climb the hillside. The immensity of these hills and mountains are stunning, but the fact that the Swiss people live on them is unbelievable. The tree line is so high, their towns and villages extend way up the mountains. The farms are at such a steep incline, but the animals still comfortably graze on the green grass that gently blankets this entire country. I'm still uncertain how they travel to and from these farms, as there are no roads visible to the naked eye. Each cow - and there are many! - has its own bell, and the gentle clanging can be heard everywhere. And the cherry on the top of this sundae: the Swiss people are very friendly, waving to you as you pass by.

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